One of city’s greatest resource is her people, each human on its own individual journey, authoring the book of their own story and contributing to what makes the city great.

Last Saturday found me in the home of one of Aba’s most creative talents. I met Nora hard at work as she pleaded for a few more minutes, she had an order to finish up and after an hour she joined me on the journey through her life as an entrepreneur so far.

“This all started because of hunger…


“Since the Aba Fashion Week, I have not rested”,Toskyme told me while injecting a bit of apology in Igbo for keeping me waiting for as long as he did.

“Everyone that showcased is cashing out” he proudly added as he sat back, a cocky smile playing on his lips as he reminisced on an occasion that many have tagged his finest hour.

“Fashion has always been a part of my life, my father is a man of style and although he isn’t in the fashion business, he knows a lot about details and coordinating colours, he provided…


On Monday, Dec 7, Aba witnessed the start of a festival of style, culture, grace, and craft, all of which culminated in an exquisite night of music,lights, camera, and fashion.

It was an extravaganza conceptualized by creatives like Toskyme and Samuel for creatives.

Time stood still as models strutted out gracefully, displaying the poise of seasoned campaigners who have walked the runway on the world stage. …

A stadium is the stage where champions triumph and those who fall short drop to the earth in tears after giving their all.

It is the place where every emotion, high and low is experienced; the joyful screams and the shouts of agony.

It is the theatre were dreams fall through; it is the environment where dreams come true.

It was at this arena a teenage orange seller dropped his tray full of oranges to mesmerize us with skills that couldn’t be learnt, skills only God could give.

It was on the pitch that a gangly boy with a hole…

There is a section in the work plan of every staff of Abia Marketing and Quality Management Agency that elaborates on our mandate of seeking out people, their crafts and products with the goal of showcasing them to the world.

It is the mantra which the Director General of the Agency, Sam Hart drums into our ears daily and was the core reason Okezie Ikpeazu set up the Agency in 2015.

It is this part about my job I love the most, the part of discovering; discovering new products, new places and most importantly discovering people doing good and contributing…


The Government of the Fujian Province in China have made a donation of Protective and Medical Equipments to the Abia State Government to assist in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The donation was received by the Secretary to the Abia State Government, Barr. Chris Ezem who is also the Chairman of the State Interministerial Committee on COVID-19.

Receiving the items from Mr. Kevin Wu, staff of Inner Galaxy Group of Companies that conveyed the donations on behalf of the Fujian Provincial Government, Barr. …

It is often said that “the only thing Aba cannot make is a human being”and over the years spent working in Aba, I have come to believe this saying. I would be the first to admit that some of it is mythical, but in my experience, Aba surely pulls her weight as far as production and fabrication is concerned.

At the Abia State Marketing and Quality Management Agency (AMQMA),we are frequently inundated with enquiries about certain parts needed for the proper functioning of imported machinery which arrived Nigeria with incomplete parts or sketches and prototypes of machinery to be built…

When I look back on the roller-coaster that was the last six months, I shudder to think what would have happened if we had not looked inwards.

I recall it began in December with unconfirmed reports of a pneumonia-like illness in China which was causing rapid fatality.

By the second week of March 2020, the reality of the pandemic set in following WHO’s declaration and Nigeria was unprepared, scratch that, the entire world was unprepared for the magnitude of the devastation that this fast spreading disease wrought.

Videos from far advanced countries told a tale of helplessness. Hospital personnel were…

Chinyere Akataobi

Teacher, Fixer, Made in Abia Promoter.

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